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Port at Cates

Port at Cates landing Rail extension consisted of building a 5+ mile rail spur along property by the NWTPA connecting the TennKen railroad with the Port at Cates Landing.

The professional services provided by CSR Engineering included:

  • Data Collection – This initial task includes a topographical survey of the project from US78 to and including the Port. CSR will utilize conventional and UAV Lidar survey methods to gather the data. During this process the property corners will be found and captured in state plane coordinates as well. During the survey process, control points will be established along the corridor for use throughout design and construction. Also included in this task is geotechnical exploration of the corridor including subsurface exploration. The final portion of this task is continued gathering of available information regarding the project and impacts to the project. This includes plan sets of the Sinova plant, initial conversations with TDOT and local officials regarding grade crossings and any other relevant data that can be gathered.
  • Design – The design task will include all of the engineering and permitting necessary to produce the bid documents for the project. The task will be phased to match the stakeholders’ requirements which at this point has been identified as: – 50% Design – 75% Design – Final Design The 50% design will be enough progress to clearly show the intent of the project regarding alignment, profile, and drainage. This will allow for meaningful stakeholder engagement during the design process. At the 75% design level, enough design will be completed to allow for permit submittals which will expedite the project schedule compared to waiting for final design. The final design package will include the technical specifications required for the project along with the 100% design plans.
  • Procurement During the procurement task, CSR Engineering will assemble the plans specifications, and frontend bid documents for the contractors to bid from. The documents will meet the requirements of both the USDOT and TN EDC grant provisions. CSR will also hold a pre-bid meeting for the project and assist NWTRPA & NWTDD and with the bid opening, tabulation, and recommendations.
  • Construction – During construction, CSR Engineering will provide an on-site representative that will be responsible for the following: – Daily Contractor Oversight – Progress Reports- Quality Assurance Reviews – Contractor Payment Review – Railroad Coordination In addition, CSR’s engineers will be supporting the project and reviewing RFI’s, shop drawings, and coordinating with stakeholders as needed.