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What We do

Engineering Expertise in the Civil, Structural, Railroad and Environmental Industries Located just outside of Nashville in Pleasant View, Tennessee, CSR Engineering, Inc. provides a broad array of engineering and planning services. Founded as a railroad engineering firm, CSR maintains a strong level of experience in the railroad industry while expanding our civil and structural engineering services. CSR Engineering is a flourishing company with years of expertise in planning, designing, inspecting and construction monitoring of railroad structures, track, signals, roads, highway bridges, utilities, retaining walls, and public / private land development projects. Also, CSR provides LEED services in conjunction with all project types.

Civil Engineering

CSR Engineering provides assistance and expertise to anyone with civil engineering issues. With projects ranging from large to small and from municipality…Read more »

Structural Engineering

CSR personnel make creative and efficient use of structural elements and materials to achieve our clients’ needs and goals. We analyze and design steel, concrete…Read more »

Railroad Engineering

Our railroad professionals have the expertise to plan, design, and manage your railroad project. We understand the complexities, standards and…Read more »

Environmental Services

Since our founding, CSR Engineering has grown not only in employees and project volume, but also in the services we offer. We can now provide a wide range of…Read more »

Land Surveying

CSR expands again – this time horizontally into the surveying sector to complement engineering service offerings and ever-increasing client needs. We can now provide a wide…Read more »