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LNW North Track Upgrade

CSR Engineering is providing engineering services to Patriot Rail and the Louisiana and Northwest Railroad Company related to the upgrade of the main line from McNeil, AR to near Emerson, AR. The mainline upgrade included rail and tie replacement along with surfacing. The project also included a 2,100 ft long new siding near the interchange, a 3,000 ft long siding near MP 12, and a 4,100 ft long siding near MP 14. The siding projects require grading, erosion control, sub-ballast, ballast, turnouts, and new track.

CSR Engineering is assisting Patriot Rail and the LNW in this project by providing design, project management, environmental, and construction engineering services as needed throughout the course of the project. The project is partially funded by FRA CRISI grant.

This is a collaborative process with the FRA and LNW in which CSR will take the lead. The SOW will have the following outline:

Description of Work
Task 1: Project Work Plan
Task 2: Final Design
Task 3: Construction
Task 4: Project Management