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Batson Parkway

CSR Engineering had an opportunity to work on Batson parkway new roadway extension. Batson Parkway is a strategically planned project designed to ease traffic congestion and improve roadway congestion.

General Scope of Work.

  • Project length total of 1.24 miles primarily consisting of new roadway extension on Batson Parkway and limited roadway improvements on existing Batson Parkway and SR11/US41 for connections at beginning and end of the project limits
  • Project Management Meetings/Updates for transition to Consultant Management and Inspections: Attend meetings and coordinate with the City Staff and engineer design consultant currently overseeing the project in order to transition to the construction phase.
  • Attend Scheduled Project Meetings: Attend contractor and City planned meetings as required (weekly or bi-weekly as necessary) with any City personnel, contractor, sub-contractors, utility personnel and other agencies affected by the project.