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Civil Engineering

CSR Engineering provides assistance and expertise to anyone with civil engineering issues. With projects ranging from large to small and from municipality support to private development, CSR is here to provide services that improve the quality of life in our local communities. Ultimately, we strive to serve our communities through proper study, planning, design and construction of superior civil projects.


  • Greenways and Shared Use Routes
  • Roadway and Bridge Design
  • Traffic Control
  • Intersection Design, Warrant Studies, Level of Service Analysis
  • MUTCD Signage Compliance and Assistance
  • Pavement Management Program Development
  • Grant Assistance
  • TDOT Local Programs Project Experience
  • TDOT Pre-qualified Firm (Unlimited)

Utility Installation and Relocation

  • Stormwater Collection, Routing, Treatment & Mapping
  • MS4 Permit Guidance
  • Stormwater Utility Development
  • Water Purification and Distribution
  • Wastewater Collection and Plant Treatment
  • Fuel/Gas Distribution

Site Design

  • Residential Subdivisions
  • Commercial Site Development
  • Mixed Use Communities
  • Zoning Assistance/Variance Requests